Use Cases

If You are losing your incomes - Earn additional or regular money with just simple cooking at Home

Add to the platform Your favorite, special dishes, DAY OFFER SET you are cooking at Home. Share the link - invite to purchase the food, dishes and services from you directly - Person to Person. Add your Micro event for food offer you are cooking at Home at calendar scheduled time. The home neighbors and city visitors with love purchasing from local.

Save your money

Meet more cheaper food made at Home. Meet your neighborhood near You, who is literally cooking at home. Home made food and its truthfully cheaper.

Save Your Time

Invite Chef to Your Home, Office or celebration as birthday, wedding, or just Micro Party. Just check Your filter options.

In App to use REWARD ITEMS "Youmee Coins" circulation

The customer ("User") is charging at purchasing In App to use reward points ("Youmee coins") Pack: min Pack 1,00 eur - 100 coins - max Pack 1000,00 eur 115K coins.In App to use Youmee coins users are purchasing Premium subscription plan privileges, making donations for food foundation and platform development.
Also Youmee Coins is circulating between users as Donation Rewards or tips to each other for hosting micro food cooking events services they provided through the platform. Youmee coin is a subject for refunding by request for each user excluding 25% infrastructure fee.
Youmee App platform, in app REWARD ITEMS Packs: 1.00 € - 100 coins5.00 € -500 coins10.00 € -1.000 coins50.00 € -5.000 coins100.00 € -10.000 coins300.00 € -30.000 coins + Bonus FREE 3.000 coins500.00 € -50.000 coins + Bonus FREE 7.000 coins1000.00 € - -100.000 coins + Bonus FREE 15.000 coins
PREMIUM privileges:
  • Bounties Program activation - bonuses from affiliate purchases
  • Your GIFT PREMIUM FREE* for your friends and guests (comes with Bounties Program)
  • Custom Location - Useful then you like travel and explore the globe with the locals
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Full Host Events list view
  • No ads

PREMIUM Subscription:
  • 1 d. x 500 coins
  • 3 d. x 400 coins = 1.200 coins
  • 7 d. x 300 coins = 2.100 coins

  • 1 mo. x 5.000 coins
  • 3 mo. x 4.000 coins = 12.000 coins
  • 6 mo. x 3.000 coins = 18.000 coins
  • 12 mo. x 2.000 coins = 24.000 coins

* HIDDEN GIFT: Premium FREE 12 mo. Register with Link: ;

Food events for free

Offer dishes to try for FREE, just enter 0 coins value at price field. Invite Your friends. If You are Guest, just swipe for FREE offers. Check your filter options.

Food Delivery

Provide or purchase food delivery directly from Chef to Home. Deliver purchases yourself directly to Homes. Or Come to pick up from Chef.

Artist, Actor, Micro Events, Music, Theater, Parties entertainment

If You are the Artist , Actor or representative person, organize Micro Food Themed Events for small groups - invite for dinner yours audition. Or participate at event and be closer with your fans, promote Your self.

Rent a Place

Add Your Place for Rent for Host events. Rent a place for Your Food Event or Party.

Restaurant - full service offers

If You are Restaurant - Add Your famous Menu dishes sets with Table reservation as Food Event. It will work as booking platform for You. If You are Guest - purchase the Table at the restaurant with full service offer.

Famous Chef, Food blogger

Promote Your Self : Add your YouTube channel content, how you are at the cooking, share event record or stream event. Add full Recipes. And it will not be only on digital. People would like to try your dishes at real life themselves so much. If you are blogger, You have a great content for your stories. It is a exclusive material for your personal blog and global travel documentaries.

Traveling, Global food exploring

Meet the locals at their Homes global. Just enter manually your location at Profile settings (Premium privileges)

SAFE & trusted

Its safe, because:
  • Host receiving "Like's", it means requests. On request the Host can view who would like to purchase. Usually decision depends on profile rating and reviews reputation.
  • After Host approve the Guest could proceed the purchasing tickets (coupons) to event.
  • Even if the Host confirm the request, there could be Sold Out or no free dates. Its may be happen if the Host are very popular.
  • Rating and reputation - after each event, the parties rate each other Guest and Hosts. If rating is to low, the user is banning from platform without notice. Also full Reviews comes with ratings.
  • On Purchasing, the amount of coins is on deposit. Only after the event complete and rate, the amount will be transferred on Host account.
  • If Host canceled the event, there are full coins refund to Guest from deposit. If Guest canceling the tickets (coupons) are not refundable.
  • Platform using only trusted partners payment integrations.