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Executive | Co-Founder
Simas is the founder and the leader of the YouMee App platform. Passionate to create with integral enthusiast partners the meal peer-to-peer platform. The latest record was experience working together with VC capitalist’s P2P sharing economy platforms. Then decided to put his full activity to YouMee App platform.
Adviser | Co-Founder
Arvydas is from the beginning at the project as Founder, Adviser and Vision-er. He is strongly believing in the social integral dining idea in global view as principal to connect the people with the best available skills, activity passion and hobbies. Aslo he is co-founder at Makroconcert, which is the largest Eastern and Central European-based promoter. This leads to an audience of about 272 million.
Head of the Partnership program Development | Affiliate | Bounties
Algirdas has joined to the project at the beginning of the platform pre-launching as enthusiastic media content producer and entertainment events producer. As promoter, Algirdas has proven records working with popular influence rs, bloggers. Currently the owner of YouTube master class channel.

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Available positions:

  • Volunteering and Practice ( Administrative, Marketing )

  • Food Blogger / Ambassador ( Platform )

  • Local Development Manager ( Global )

  • Native Text Editor

  • Customer Support

  • Web Developer Front/End

  • Graphic Designer

  • Marketing Manager

  • Startup Funding Manager

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YouMee App platform Company Establishing projection

After each Youmee App platform ALPHA, BETA MVP launches, we are inviting users to try the ways to connect with the newly introduced features. The platform development depends on the feedback we are receiving from our initial customers. Also received requests from partners for integration with the platform. Lets growth up together!